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  Alternative Containers for Cremation
 Cloth Covered Caskets Alternative Containers for Cremation Cloth Covered Caskets

   Rental Caskets and Rental Casket Inserts Cloth Covered Caskets Alternative Containers for Cremation

 Shipping trays, Air and Combo Trays Cremation Supplies

Warehouse in Houston, Texas - call (855) 966-7677  .  Warehouse in Lakeland, Florida - call (877) 668-7176


 Cremation Association of North America    National Funeral Directors Association    International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association   Casket and Funeral Suppty Association  Independent Funeral Directors of Florida

1620 Rich Road . Richmond, IN 47374 . (888)366-7335  .  in Florida call (877)668-7176  .  in Texas call (855) 966-7677
www.starmarkfp.com  .  sales@starmarkfp.com

Specific portions of Starmark products may be covered by one or more of the following US patents  8,607,423 8,595,908 8,418,329  8,104,151 7,213,311 7,204,003 7,249,402 7,249,403 7,234,211 7,263,751. Additional US Patents Pending

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Starmark Cremation Products are not for sale to the general public. Ask your local funeral provider about Starmark products.

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